Photo Credit iDry, LLC.

COMING SEPTEMBER 2020 ~ Our iDry Vacutherm Kiln can dry wood 5-10 times faster than conventional kilns. Vacuum kilns also reduce the cracking, cupping, and discoloration associated with traditional wood kilns.

• Price: 4/4 is $1 per bdft, and each additional 1/4 of thickness is an additional $.25 per bdft. 8/4 and above may include a second pass and one week acclimation between passes. Extremely thick pieces that require more than two passes through the kiln will be billed at the $.25 per 1/4 per board foot for each additional pass. (“Bdft” means board foot, which is a volume measurement of wood equal to 1” x 12” x 12”. To calculate your board footage, multiply length x width x thickness then divide that number by 144). Wood over 8/4 thick with a moisture content of 30% or higher will not be accepted for drying.